This is a test instance for Indico's translations. Do not use this for real events. Some translations may be incomplete or broken. Last update: 15/07 14:17 CEST

Welcome to Indico. The Indico tool allows you to manage complex conferences, workshops and meetings.
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As an Indico translator, this instance is intended to be a playground for you to test out your translations before they go live.

All languages are available here, including unofficial ones.

You can use this instance to:

  • find untranslated strings
  • see if the translations look good (no overflowing text, broken UI, in that case report it to us!)
  • check for typos, consistency
  • better understand where a string appears in the UI

For questions, do not hesitate to use the forum!

If you are interested in becoming a translator, or would like to learn more about the process, check out our guide!

Happy translating!

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